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All That Glitters [entries|friends|calendar]

jing stole my icon journal jing stole my friends page jing stole my userinfo jing stole my memories
This is my journal, and yes, I've never had one before but I like this quite a bit

I've stolen quite a bit. But I don't plan on telling you! ^^
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New Rooms [
[ mood | annoyed ]


It's my first time ever being in a room above the middle deck. 

As for YOU, I will break down your door.  So either you come willingly or I do a B&E and we both know I can.

And whoever James is, Hiya! Names Jing.

Will Wonders Never Cease [
[ mood | annoyed ]

How.... interesting, the Captain's plague actually proved to have ONE positive result despite EVERYTHING else. 

[ mood | sick ]

. . .

I'm going to destroy the Captain

And in the aftermath the night is fraught with MISCHIEF [
[ mood | mischievous ]

Ohhhh I do so love Halloween, so many costumes, so many pockets and too many people too drunk to focus on the contents IN them.

And TRAIN I want back my jacket or so help me I will break into your room to get it back and you know I can do it without you even noticing my sweeper kitty~


Speaking of kitties.

Akefia did you behave~?

Halloween Costume [
[ mood | amused ]

Heeeey Mr. Kitty Cat, I have an idea for Halloween and the costume.  And no getting out of this celebration~!

I love Halloween, it means a cause for trouble~

Stealing Hearts [
[ mood | mischievous ]

Things were easier when Kir was around.

More than that, stubbornness where the heart is concerned is as aggravating as a thief unwilling to steal (I won't even get started on how annoying and common that particular statement occurs).

Hanging out with Mr. Kitty Cat was very nice and I might as well buy him milk since the renovations on the room are nearly complete.

Now if only I can get Akefia to bathe and sleep more

You know what, I'm feeling mischievous.

Fun is in order ^^

Well now, isn't this a change~ [
[ mood | amused ]

So it seems I have a certain irritated-eyed thief as my roommate it's not Quatre or Mr. Kitty-cat but I'm certainly not saddened in the least with this result

The room is a room, but the company makes it all the better now. 

I'll have to go and visit Quatre~ I miss my brother.

I'll make waffles for breakfast~

Prude [
[ mood | annoyed ]

Dear Captain,

You are a prude and a tyrant and I have every intention of fixing that.

Yours sincerely,

The Bandit King

Prudism [
[ mood | amused ]

I'm definitely going to the party, it'll be like old times back in the jungle by Adonis. I mean really, what's the big deal about nudity?

I think it will be fun. I mean, hanging out with an adorable kitten is always fun. Maybe Mr. Kitty-Cat will come, that or another thief I doubt that about him since he didn't even want to go to the beach in the first place.

Well, I'm certainly going.

Sick and Tired [
I'm getting a bit tired by this place.

First Kir can't come, then I'm without my sword arm, I can steal but there's no point, and when I try to steal a comet I can't, to top it all off I couldn't even get out of your standard handcuffs....... this place is affecting me and in a bad way.

I'm getting tired.

One place in too long makes the birdy lose his song.  Might be time to fly.

I'm...... Annoyed Now. [
[ mood | annoyed ]

I've never met a pair of handcuffs I couldn't pick, short of two, apparently now three.  I'm annoyed now.  First I couldn't steal the comet and now I can't pick simple locks!

0_o Am I losing my touch?!  In any case, Mr. Whoever You Are as much as I'd like to say we'll be out of these cuffs in a matter of seconds, I can't.

FUCK >.<

Lost and Found at Your Service [
[ mood | amused ]

Greetings fellow passengers~

Due to recent events I would like to announce at this moment that the Lost and Found is more than happy to help locate whatever you've lost or misplaced.

Located on the Olympus deck.

See you soon ^^

This Place [
I will never cease to be amazed by the going ons on this ship.  But, as there's a comet going by an ample opportunity to steal it.  I guess I'll have to go look and see. 

It's been a while since I've stolen a star or anything within the cosmos.  But I should be fine.  Now then, I just need to get some things~

My How Curious [
New rooms is my guess, now just to find mine.

And since you behaved Mr. Kitty cat looks like I owe you seven cartons of milk.

Oh ho ho ho [
[ mood | jubilant ]

It's been a while since I've been on another planet~ 

I look forward to it.  And some room to walk around will be wonderful.

See you on the surface Mr. Kitty-cat, hope you like camping.

Who knows, there may be some treasure on this planet.

Surprise Surprise [
Ah, so someone came in to my work today.  What a nice change.

Sleep well kitty-cat.  Sorry about the gun, maybe some nice warm milk will make you feel better.

Sakura Matrsuri [
[ mood | amused ]

Never heard of it, but I've always enjoyed festivals.

So many pockets to pick and yet so little time

I'll get a yukata, it should be interesting.

And who knows, maybe work will pick up because of it.

If nothing else hopefully I'll see familiar faces, friendly or otherwise :)

((ooc: Jing works at the Lost and Found))

Oh ho ho [
Well Miss Anthy it seems we are still alluding one another. 

If you're not busy I'll make dinner say Saturday night and we can actually meet and you can explain what you meant by the monkey.  Though I have a vague idea what you mean.

As for other news, there's absolutely nothing to do at the Lost and Found, I'm a little disappointed really.

The Journey's Song so Sing ALong [
[ mood | discontent ]

The journey to this paradise is perhaps destroying the integrity of paradise itself.  I'll admit it's no giant mechanical fish with guardians at the door but even this is a bit unexpected. 

In either case, I have yet to meet Anthy, and I imagine it's because of my new job and the schedule of which it keeps.  I'm pleased with it but no one ever really comes so lucky me I suppose. 

Boredom is setting in and I'm not one for boredom.

Call it What You Like [
[ mood | mischievous ]

So I'm not on the bottom deck and my new roommate is apparently female.

Kir would have been excited about that.

I don't really care about the conditions

After being in prison and solitary confinement or even in the sewers every place is "better"

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